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hear me out please

Hello people, I would like to start out by saying that I am not anorexic, nor am I pro-ana or pro-mia or pro anything. I don't mean to intrude by posting here I just wanted to share and ask questions to see if anyone feels the same as me about something which I guess is semi-related to the topic of this group. See, I am female- and I don't like the appearance of my body- but I am not a transexual, I don't want to be a man- i just don't want anything to do with having the appearance of a sexually mature member of either sex/gender. The only way I can think of to achieve this other than having surgery is to diet enough to get small enough to lose my breasts and hips. I just want to look androgynous like prepubescent children do.  It got me thinking about anorexia and I wondered if anorexic people have the same desire and that is why they starve themselves- and if they don't have the same desire then why do they do it?  I'm sorry if I am unwelcome here and I am being too voyeuristic- I really don't want to offend anyone by coming here, I just want to see if anyone feels the same as I do.  So, please reply.  Peace 
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Hi, I think you may have joined and posted in a non-active community. I've never seen anybody post in here to be honest.

In answer to your question, I do believe that some people develop anorexia around the time of puberty as they don't like the changes and the weight gain that comes with it. But I also think that they view being thin and weak as the ultimate femininity.

I suggest you see your doctor about your feelings as there could be ways they can help you that wouldn't mean you go to an extreme of an eating disorder.

Take care! X